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Animal Costumes

Animal Costumes (18)

Lions, and tigers and bears.....any many many more.

Biblical Costumes

Biblical Costumes (6)

Looking for a Wiseman? (aren’t we all?) Jest for Fun has plenty!

Comical Costumes

Comical Costumes (10)

Try on a good belly laugh for size! The racks are full!

Ethnic Costumes

Ethnic Costumes (4)

You don't need to go further than Bentleyville Pa. to find a costume to depict another country.

Fairy Tale Costumes

Fairy Tale Costumes (9)

Can you imagine the look on your little girls face when Cinderella shows up at her birthday party? How about Batman and Robin dropping by for a bite of birthday cake?

Historical Costumes

Historical Costumes (11)

Choose from hundreds of styles and sizes for both men and women. They range from the Colonial Days through the Roaring 20's and include the 1950's era with poodle skirts. Also available are the colorful crazy hippie styles of the rebellious 70's.

Medieval Costumes

Medieval Costumes (6)

Looking for a knight in shining armor? Look no further than our Medieval Dept. We have kings and queens and surfs and peasant girls. What are you in the mood to be?

Out of Rental Clearance

Out of Rental Clearance (1)

Out-of-Rental Clearance Sale

Seasonal Costumes

Seasonal Costumes (41)

From Santa and his elves to the cutest Easter bunnies you will ever find, our seasonal costumes are clean and well maintained.

Sexy Gal Costumes

Sexy Gal Costumes (12)

If you've "got it" you can "flaunt it" with one of our sexy belly dance or French maid costumes. But please note, our costumes are tasteful not tacky.

Spooky Costumes (5)

Jest For fun does not cater to the macabre, however, we do offer costumes that would definitely be considered scary.

Theatrical Costumes

Theatrical Costumes (9)

Theatrical productions are our forte. Check out some of the characters from some plays we have done in the past.